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TorchScript, ONNX, CoreML Export

📚 This guide explains how to export a trained YOLOv5 🚀 model from PyTorch to ONNX and TorchScript formats.

Before You Start

Clone this repo and install requirements.txt dependencies, including Python>=3.8 and PyTorch==1.7.

git clone  # clone repo
cd yolov5
pip install -r requirements.txt  # base requirements
pip install coremltools>=4.1 onnx>=1.9.0 scikit-learn==0.19.2  # export requirements

Export a Trained YOLOv5 Model

This command exports a pretrained YOLOv5s model to ONNX, TorchScript and CoreML formats. is the lightest and fastest model available. Other options are, and, or you own checkpoint from training a custom dataset runs/exp0/weights/ For details on all available models please see our README table.

python models/ --weights --img 640 --batch 1  # export at 640x640 with batch size 1


Namespace(batch_size=1, device='cpu', dynamic=False, half=False, img_size=[640, 640], include=['torchscript', 'onnx', 'coreml'], inplace=False, optimize=False, simplify=False, train=True, weights='./')
YOLOv5 🚀 v5.0-87-gf12cef8 torch 1.8.1+cu101 CPU

Fusing layers... 
Model Summary: 224 layers, 7266973 parameters, 0 gradients

PyTorch: starting from ./ (14.8 MB)

TorchScript: starting export with torch 1.8.1+cu101...
TorchScript: export success, saved as ./ (29.4 MB)

ONNX: starting export with onnx 1.9.0...
ONNX: export success, saved as ./yolov5s.onnx (29.1 MB)

CoreML: starting export with coremltools 4.1...
CoreML: export success, saved as ./yolov5s.mlmodel (29.1 MB)

Export complete (10.40s). Visualize with

The 3 exported models will be saved alongside the original PyTorch model:

Netron Viewer is recommended for visualizing exported models:

TensorRT Deployment

For deployment of YOLOv5 from PyTorch *.pt weights to NVIDIA TensorRT see


YOLOv5 may be run in any of the following up-to-date verified environments (with all dependencies including CUDA/CUDNN, Python and PyTorch preinstalled):


CI CPU testing

If this badge is green, all YOLOv5 GitHub Actions Continuous Integration (CI) tests are currently passing. CI tests verify correct operation of YOLOv5 training (, testing (, inference ( and export ( on MacOS, Windows, and Ubuntu every 24 hours and on every commit.