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Ultralytics HUB App

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Welcome to the Ultralytics HUB App! We are excited to introduce this powerful mobile app that allows you to run YOLOv5 and YOLOv8 models directly on your iOS and Android devices. With the HUB App, you can utilize hardware acceleration features like Apple's Neural Engine (ANE) or Android GPU and Neural Network API (NNAPI) delegates to achieve impressive performance on your mobile device.


  • Run YOLOv5 and YOLOv8 models: Experience the power of YOLO models on your mobile device for real-time object detection and image recognition tasks.
  • Hardware Acceleration: Benefit from Apple ANE on iOS devices or Android GPU and NNAPI delegates for optimized performance.
  • Custom Model Training: Train custom models with the Ultralytics HUB platform and preview them live using the HUB App.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The HUB App supports both iOS and Android devices, bringing the power of YOLO models to a wide range of users.

App Documentation

  • iOS: Learn about YOLO CoreML models accelerated on Apple's Neural Engine for iPhones and iPads.
  • Android: Explore TFLite acceleration on Android mobile devices.

Get started today by downloading the Ultralytics HUB App on your mobile device and unlock the potential of YOLOv5 and YOLOv8 models on-the-go. Don't forget to check out our comprehensive HUB Docs for more information on training, deploying, and using your custom models with the Ultralytics HUB platform.

Created 2023-11-12, Updated 2024-06-02
Authors: glenn-jocher (5), sergiuwaxmann (2)