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Cloud Training

Ultralytics HUB provides a powerful and user-friendly cloud platform to train custom object detection models. Easily select your dataset and the desired training method, then kick off the process with just a few clicks. Ultralytics HUB offers pre-built options and various model architectures to streamline your workflow.

cloud training cover

Read more about creating and other details of a Model at our HUB Models page

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Selecting an Instance

For details on picking a model and instances for it, please read our Instances guide Page

Steps to Train the Model

Once the instance has been selected, training a model using Ultralytics HUB is a three-step process, as below:

  1. Picking a Dataset - Read more about datasets, steps to add/remove datasets from the Dataset page
  2. Picking a Model - Read more about models, steps to create/share and handle a model on the HUB Models page
  3. Training the Model on the Chosen Dataset

Ultralytics HUB offers three training options:

  • Ultralytics Cloud - Explained in this page.
  • Google Colab - Train on Google's popular Colab notebooks.
  • Bring your own agent - Train models locally on your own hardware or on-premise GPU servers.

In order to start training your model, follow the instructions presented in these steps.

Training via Ultralytics Cloud

To start training your model using Ultralytics Cloud, simply select the Training Duration, Available Instances, and Payment options.

Training Duration - Ultralytics offers two kinds of training durations:

  1. Training based on Epochs: This option allows you to train your model based on the number of times your dataset needs to go through the cycle of train, label, and test. The exact pricing based on the number of epochs is hard to determine. Hence, if the credit gets exhausted before the intended number of epochs, the training pauses, and you get a prompt to top-up and resume training.
  2. Timed Training: The timed training feature allows you to fix the time duration of the entire training process and also determines the estimated amount before the start of training.

Ultralytics cloud screenshot of training duration options

When the training starts, you can click Done and monitor the training progress on the Model page.

Monitor Your Training

Once the model and mode of training have been selected, you can monitor the training procedure on the Train section with the link provided in the terminal (on your agent/Google Colab) or a button from Ultralytics Cloud.

Monitor your Training

Stopping and Resuming Your Training

Watch: Pause and Resume Model Training Using Ultralytics HUB

Once the training has started, you can Stop the training, which will also correspondingly pause the credit usage. You can then Resume the training from the point where it stopped.

Pausing and Resuming Training

Payments and Billing Options

Ultralytics HUB offers Pay Now as upfront and/or using Ultralytics HUB Account as a wallet to top up and fulfill the billing. You can choose from two types of accounts: Free and Pro user.

To access your profile, click on the profile picture in the bottom left corner.

Clicking profile picture

Click on the Billing tab to view your current plan and options to upgrade it.

Clicking Upgrade button

You will be prompted with different available plans, and you can pick from the available plans as shown below.

Picking a plan

Navigate to the Payment page, fill in the details, and complete the payment.

Payment Page

Created 2024-02-14, Updated 2024-04-11
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