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Reference for ultralytics/models/fastsam/


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FastSAMPredictor(cfg=DEFAULT_CFG, overrides=None, _callbacks=None)

Bases: SegmentationPredictor

FastSAMPredictor is specialized for fast SAM (Segment Anything Model) segmentation prediction tasks in Ultralytics YOLO framework.

This class extends the SegmentationPredictor, customizing the prediction pipeline specifically for fast SAM. It adjusts post-processing steps to incorporate mask prediction and non-max suppression while optimizing for single- class segmentation.

Source code in ultralytics/models/yolo/segment/
def __init__(self, cfg=DEFAULT_CFG, overrides=None, _callbacks=None):
    """Initializes the SegmentationPredictor with the provided configuration, overrides, and callbacks."""
    super().__init__(cfg, overrides, _callbacks)
    self.args.task = "segment"


postprocess(preds, img, orig_imgs)

Applies box postprocess for FastSAM predictions.

Source code in ultralytics/models/fastsam/
def postprocess(self, preds, img, orig_imgs):
    """Applies box postprocess for FastSAM predictions."""
    results = super().postprocess(preds, img, orig_imgs)
    for result in results:
        full_box = torch.tensor(
            [0, 0, result.orig_shape[1], result.orig_shape[0]], device=preds[0].device, dtype=torch.float32
        boxes = adjust_bboxes_to_image_border(result.boxes.xyxy, result.orig_shape)
        idx = torch.nonzero(box_iou(full_box[None], boxes) > 0.9).flatten()
        if idx.numel() != 0:
            result.boxes.xyxy[idx] = full_box
    return results

Created 2023-11-12, Updated 2024-07-21
Authors: glenn-jocher (6), Burhan-Q (1)