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Este archivo est谩 disponible en ultralytics/blob/main/ ultralytics/solutions/streamlit_inference .py. Si detectas alg煤n problema, por favor, ayuda a solucionarlo contribuyendo con una Pull Request 馃洜锔. 隆Gracias 馃檹!

Ejecuta la detecci贸n de objetos en tiempo real en la entrada de v铆deo utilizando Ultralytics YOLOv8 en una aplicaci贸n Streamlit.

C贸digo fuente en ultralytics/solutions/
def inference():
    """Runs real-time object detection on video input using Ultralytics YOLOv8 in a Streamlit application."""
    check_requirements("streamlit>=1.29.0")  # scope imports for faster ultralytics package load speeds
    import streamlit as st

    from ultralytics import YOLO

    # Hide main menu style
    menu_style_cfg = """<style>MainMenu {visibility: hidden;}</style>"""

    # Main title of streamlit application
    main_title_cfg = """<div><h1 style="color:#FF64DA; text-align:center; font-size:40px; 
                             font-family: 'Archivo', sans-serif; margin-top:-50px;margin-bottom:20px;">
                    Ultralytics YOLOv8 Streamlit Application

    # Subtitle of streamlit application
    sub_title_cfg = """<div><h4 style="color:#042AFF; text-align:center; 
                    font-family: 'Archivo', sans-serif; margin-top:-15px; margin-bottom:50px;">
                    Experience real-time object detection on your webcam with the power of Ultralytics YOLOv8! 馃殌</h4>

    # Set html page configuration
    st.set_page_config(page_title="Ultralytics Streamlit App", layout="wide", initial_sidebar_state="auto")

    # Append the custom HTML
    st.markdown(menu_style_cfg, unsafe_allow_html=True)
    st.markdown(main_title_cfg, unsafe_allow_html=True)
    st.markdown(sub_title_cfg, unsafe_allow_html=True)

    # Add ultralytics logo in sidebar
    with st.sidebar:
        logo = ""
        st.image(logo, width=250)

    # Add elements to vertical setting menu
    st.sidebar.title("User Configuration")

    # Add video source selection dropdown
    source = st.sidebar.selectbox(
        ("webcam", "video"),

    vid_file_name = ""
    if source == "video":
        vid_file = st.sidebar.file_uploader("Upload Video File", type=["mp4", "mov", "avi", "mkv"])
        if vid_file is not None:
            g = io.BytesIO(  # BytesIO Object
            vid_location = "ultralytics.mp4"
            with open(vid_location, "wb") as out:  # Open temporary file as bytes
                out.write(  # Read bytes into file
            vid_file_name = "ultralytics.mp4"
    elif source == "webcam":
        vid_file_name = 0

    # Add dropdown menu for model selection
    available_models = (x.replace("yolo", "YOLO") for x in GITHUB_ASSETS_STEMS if x.startswith("yolov8"))
    selected_model = st.sidebar.selectbox("Model", available_models)
    with st.spinner("Model is downloading..."):
        model = YOLO(f"{selected_model.lower()}.pt")  # Load the YOLO model
        class_names = list(model.names.values())  # Convert dictionary to list of class names
    st.success("Model loaded successfully!")

    # Multiselect box with class names and get indices of selected classes
    selected_classes = st.sidebar.multiselect("Classes", class_names, default=class_names[:3])
    selected_ind = [class_names.index(option) for option in selected_classes]

    if not isinstance(selected_ind, list):  # Ensure selected_options is a list
        selected_ind = list(selected_ind)

    enable_trk ="Enable Tracking", ("Yes", "No"))
    conf = float(st.sidebar.slider("Confidence Threshold", 0.0, 1.0, 0.25, 0.01))
    iou = float(st.sidebar.slider("IoU Threshold", 0.0, 1.0, 0.45, 0.01))

    col1, col2 = st.columns(2)
    org_frame = col1.empty()
    ann_frame = col2.empty()

    fps_display = st.sidebar.empty()  # Placeholder for FPS display

    if st.sidebar.button("Start"):
        videocapture = cv2.VideoCapture(vid_file_name)  # Capture the video

        if not videocapture.isOpened():
            st.error("Could not open webcam.")

        stop_button = st.button("Stop")  # Button to stop the inference

        prev_time = 0
        while videocapture.isOpened():
            success, frame =
            if not success:
                st.warning("Failed to read frame from webcam. Please make sure the webcam is connected properly.")

            curr_time = time.time()
            fps = 1 / (curr_time - prev_time)
            prev_time = curr_time

            # Store model predictions
            if enable_trk:
                results = model.track(frame, conf=conf, iou=iou, classes=selected_ind, persist=True)
                results = model(frame, conf=conf, iou=iou, classes=selected_ind)
            annotated_frame = results[0].plot()  # Add annotations on frame

            # display frame
            org_frame.image(frame, channels="BGR")
            ann_frame.image(annotated_frame, channels="BGR")

            if stop_button:
                videocapture.release()  # Release the capture
                torch.cuda.empty_cache()  # Clear CUDA memory
                st.stop()  # Stop streamlit app

            # Display FPS in sidebar
            fps_display.metric("FPS", f"{fps:.2f}")

        # Release the capture

    # Clear CUDA memory

    # Destroy window

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