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YOLOv5 Quickstart

See below for quickstart examples.


Clone repo and install requirements.txt in a Python>=3.7.0 environment, including PyTorch>=1.7.

git clone  # clone
cd yolov5
pip install -r requirements.txt  # install


YOLOv5 PyTorch Hub inference. Models download automatically from the latest YOLOv5 release.

import torch

# Model
model = torch.hub.load("ultralytics/yolov5", "yolov5s")  # or yolov5n - yolov5x6, custom

# Images
img = ""  # or file, Path, PIL, OpenCV, numpy, list

# Inference
results = model(img)

# Results
results.print()  # or .show(), .save(), .crop(), .pandas(), etc.

Inference with runs inference on a variety of sources, downloading models automatically from the latest YOLOv5 release and saving results to runs/detect.

python --weights --source 0                               # webcam
                                               img.jpg                         # image
                                               vid.mp4                         # video
                                               screen                          # screenshot
                                               path/                           # directory
                                               list.txt                        # list of images
                                               list.streams                    # list of streams
                                               'path/*.jpg'                    # glob
                                               ''  # YouTube
                                               'rtsp://'  # RTSP, RTMP, HTTP stream


The commands below reproduce YOLOv5 COCO results. Models and datasets download automatically from the latest YOLOv5 release. Training times for YOLOv5n/s/m/l/x are 1/2/4/6/8 days on a V100 GPU (Multi-GPU times faster). Use the largest --batch-size possible, or pass --batch-size -1 for YOLOv5 AutoBatch. Batch sizes shown for V100-16GB.

python --data coco.yaml --epochs 300 --weights '' --cfg yolov5n.yaml  --batch-size 128
                                                                 yolov5s                    64
                                                                 yolov5m                    40
                                                                 yolov5l                    24
                                                                 yolov5x                    16

Created 2023-04-21, Updated 2023-05-09
Authors: Glenn Jocher (4)